QSW Vision Jammer


QSW Vision Jammer

Low waist fitting men’s racing jammer. Suit features strong compression without compromising the flexibility needed for starts, turns and breast stroke swimming. Bonded seam lines are positioned to enhance upkick dolphin motion and hip position. Suit features 3D design for the perfect fit as well as being fully bonded and FINA approved.

Our vision was to engineer a suit that had both compression and flexibility, which is lightweight, but strong and most of all, helps swimmers realise their own vision of what’s possible in the pool.

We selected a flat yarn that meshes together so tightly that it creates an almost impermeable surface, and then we added elite class water repellency.

Targeted compression helps promote a strong dolphin upkick and whip on breast stroke, and flex panels are positioned to respond to quad and glute contractions to help enhance propulsion off the blocks and walls.